Everything is Temporary, Real love is not man-made.

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I have learned many hard lessons in this life. One stands above them all. Everything is temporary. So simple. But so profound. And not just that woman you hold in your arms, she could be in another’s within days. But also, your children are not your babies forever. And there will come a day, they too will leave. Hopefully not forever. Hopefully they embark on a journey of their own. Having all the tools you have equipped them with over their adolescent years. You worry as you watch them grow. Fighting the impulse to always be there and save them from every decision. Because a child raised in bubble wrap makes for a fragile adult. I worry that my children will grow up having the wrong idea about love. And what to expect of others, as I did.

​Had I just understood the simple truth early on, I would have saved myself and ultimately my family so much heartbreak. The truth is I don’t think I have ever met one person who fully understands what love really is. Or at least they do not feel compelled to live their lives according this simple truth. And why? It solves all the ills of society today. A culture that teaches you from birth to love things. Not people. And above all else never be happy to be yourself. Because they need you to buy their shit. Make them rich. At the cost of every soul on this planet. No yaht or plane, or mansion. No lofty aspirations to be the most powerful man or woman on earth is worth all our souls. So I ask why? When the answer to all our societies problems is so simple. Why do we accept this kind of mind control? Families are torn apart because the quest for perfect Hollywood happy endings will never bare fruit. These things are make believe and the true nature of love was hidden away from the global consciousness long before I or maybe you were even born. There are lonely people walking this planet. They get up everyday and do their darnedest to impress others. Even going to extreme lengths to butcher and augment their bodies. Hoping someone will find value in them. And this isn’t a sickness you treat with plenty of rest and hope it blows by. Billions are affected and it spreads rapidly. Those billions of souls are wandering basically asleep already. With zero understanding of how easy it would be for them all to just wake up.

The true nature of love and how we are intended to experience it is so personal. It doesn’t even require you to impress a single person but yourself. When someone moves from person to person in pursuit of happiness. It’s thrilling and exciting to start fesh, and maybe this time the happiness will stay. Maybe it will be like Hollywood promised. But that fairytale is destined to be a grim tale in the end. Because if you rely on happiness to come from other things or people, what you are doing is stealing the happiness others have found for themselves. The day will come when those you rely on for your daily dose of love and happiness will have no more to give. Leaving behind broken people. Who now move forward to most likely do the same to the next loving, trusting soul in their path. The only cure for this is to understand and teach every person who will listen this simple truth.

Love and ultimately happiness comes from understanding yourself and your personal journey. You don’t have to find someone that loves you. You have only one job. Love yourself wholly and completely. If you accept each lesson on your journey and learn from them. Move on and continue to love yourself and be thankful for the lessons you have made it through and excited for the ones that lay ahead. But above all here and now make the conscious decision to never again steal the love and happiness of another. Because if you love yourself and are truly happy being you on your journey. You won’t need to find someone to love you. Another equally whole person will gravitate towards you. Their soul will see an equal will feel safe and never fear their light can be stolen or used. That is the difference between what society calls “falling in love” and what it truly means to find a soulmate.

When you fall it is never a good thing. Because we fall into lust or codependency. Love lifts us above the fog of bs that we are inundated with constantly. And you have all you need right now. You have a universe inside you. If you are alone. As many are. You feel like nobody loves you or nobody wants you. Well don’t give in to that programming. Because they only want you to buy false loves and plastic happiness. It will not sustain you. Stop, right this moment, thinking of yourself as alone or lonely. You are never alone. That is the greatest lie the human race was ever told. That we are individuals completely cut off from one another. Again you buy more shit to make you feel a false sense of connection. But anyone who has sent a text or left a voicemail for the person they love, when that person has moved on, can tell you. We have never felt more alone or can be made to feel more unwanted then in this instantly connected time. So stop searching for false happiness and temporary lust mistaken for love. Spend the next few days telling yourself all of the things that make you happy to be you. Give yourself a break from all the media that constantly points out your every flaw so they can sell you their “cure”. You don’t need it. You are the most perfect expression of what the universe intended when it thought you into existence. There will never be another you. And if the one you fell for soon fell out just as easy. Then thank them for the lesson. Because they left, you now have the opportunity to lift yourself up, out of the fog and into the light of truth.

Your true purpose will never be found inside another human being. They have their own journey. And no soul seeks another until they are whole and vibrating together in harmony. Make a promise to yourself to never fall again. Not for a human that needs to take from you so they can “feel” whole. Not for the lies that society sells to keep you as cattle. Instead promise yourself everyday to lift your eyes up into alignment with the path your journey was meant to take you. Remember the only person that can love you is you. When you truly have learned to love your life and journey. You will never feel alone. And your soul will then seek it’s mate. And only then will happiness truly be shared and not stolen. Only then will a bond exist where one person isn’t needing to sacrifice something of themselves to give the other what they crave. Harmony. Two souls drawn together. Simple. Whole. I’m ready to seek that harmony. But as I explained, the search begins here. Inside myself. Let’s see what I find. Something tells me I don’t know myself half as well as I should.