Interview: Financial expert Nathaniel Glas analyzes the evolution of the Bitcoin market

Today, we are pleased to welcome the financial and trading expert Nathaniel Glas. The 36-year-old trader who lives between London and Madrid today manages several companies by mandate of the real estate sector. But not only ! Because as a passionate of the business of finance, he is particularly interested in this sector and even trains professionals and neophytes wishing to know all the tricks of this complex area, certainly, but so rich.
Given his expertise in his field, we took advantage of his arrival to ask him several questions on a subject that is much in the news today: bitcoin.
Hello, Nathaniel Glas, can you introduce yourself to our readers in a few words?

Hello, my name is Nathaniel Glas and I was born on April 11, 1983. I am passionate about management and finance, I manage several companies by mandate. I am also the principal agent of the company MABNG Immobilier (the president being André Bokobsa). It is thanks to my managerial and financial experience that I have perfected myself in these areas.
Today, I put my expertise in finance and trading at the service of people who want to become trading professionals by training and advising them on the right tools to use and the right levers to operate to be able to grow the money invested.

Let’s go straight to the heart of the matter: what do you think of bitcoins?
What is interesting about bitcoin is that the experts all have different opinions on it. Some compare them to Monopoly notes. Which means, for them, that this cryptocurrency is only wind and can crumble overnight. Others believe so much that they are ready to put all their savings there to hope for incredible profits.

Some time ago, I had read a note about the opinions of big names in finance. To quote an economist: “Those who say they can value bitcoin are completely wrong, just like those who say it is an insignificant phenomenon” (note: you can find the full quote by clicking here). I am a little of this opinion. Bitcoin is a hyper-speculative financial product of nature. Can one day become a real currency? I have difficulty believing it. But the future can contradict me.

In your opinion, is bitcoin still an interesting market for investors?
It should be noted that bitcoin experienced a sharp rise in 2017. From memory, the value had jumped more than + 1000%. Which was huge! It is also at this moment that this cryptocurrency has made the most talk about it.
That said, at the end of 2018, the price fell quite sharply. This has scared many investors. It should also be noted that other cryptocurrencies have experienced the same drastic decline.
On the other hand, I read and I hear experts everywhere say that a new increase of bitcoin is expected in 2019. So, since bitcoin relies heavily on the law of supply and demand, if it is necessary to invest , it’s now. After, it will probably be too late.

What do you recommend to someone who already has this type of currency?
As I explained just before, the price of this cryptocurrency just dropped quite sharply. Personally, I will advise bitcoin holders to wait a bit to hope for a rise and not hesitate to resell at the slightest sign of relapse.
That being said, this scenario applies to people who like to play the stock market. If you need money, maybe it’s better to sell now at the risk of losing more in a while?
It’s up to you to see if you like the risk or not.

And a beginner who wants to get started?
I strongly advise a beginner in trading to embark on this market. The reason: the fact that it is hyper fluctuating. To make one’s arms, it is easier as an investment.
On the other hand, if you like to play, take risks and you are ready to invest 100%, bitcoin is an interesting product.
In addition, like any ultra speculative product, there is opportunity to win very big. Or to lose a lot. It’s like playing at the casino: you have to be ready to lose your money. If that’s your case, why not? In the opposite case, prefer quality actions, more stable over time.

For you, what are the main advantages of cryptocurrency compared to other financial products?
What I find exciting about this subject is its volatile nature. But also the fact that it divides the experts.
Indeed, the cryptocurrency is a currency that escapes the competent authorities. It is said to be free because no central bank has a hold on it. Thus, because it was created on the internet (and thought to be used on it), it is quickly transferred between users and with lower fees than other currencies. Not to mention that it is accessible to people prohibited banking.
This applies to the people who use them. For traders, the cryptocurrency is interesting because it is a great playground. Its course can fly away overnight or fall in the same way. It is much more exhilarating than a curve that moves little.

And the risks?
Although bitcoin appeared years ago, users are still few. Have you ever paid anything in cryptocurrency? I do not (or very rarely). So, the main risk is to suddenly stop the exchange of this currency. And so its appeal to the public. Which will make her die.
As a result, people who have made a fortune through cryptocurrency, but who still let their money sleep to hope to win more, are very risky.
As I said before, I agree with the experts who say that cryptocurrency has no future as a real currency. See now how far her course can go.

A word to finish?
Obviously, all I’ve said are just personal assumptions supported by my own experience of the market and my readings on the subject. Still, I really want to emphasize that this market is very volatile. It can surprise everyone.
That being said, it’s a safe bet that banks will react. By creating perhaps their own cryptocurrency? This is the case of JP Morgan Chase and his JPM Coin. And other projects are emerging.

Finally, I would like to refer to Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank) who says that bitcoins do not represent a real currency, but rather risky speculative assets. All is said.
Thank you, Nathaniel, for taking the time to answer our questions.



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