How a Dutch Dentist Restored my Faith in AR

How One Dentist Restored my Faith n AR

A couple of days ago, Robert and I spoke to a small group of EU-based executives touring the SF Bay Area, looking at new technologies such as AI, Blockchain and of course, AR.

They were hosted by NexxWorks, a German group of Innovation consultants, headed by futurists and author Peter Hinssen.

Last night, Robert and I were NexxWorks guests at a wonderful private dinner party, catered by Feastly, with live entertainment played on a remarkable digital music device that enhanced a piano. Scoble has a video of it over on his site.

I was still dejected by Apple detumescent news conference that dedicated more time to emoticons, including a cartoon turd they seem to be fond of rather than the much-anticipated AR launch we had anticipated.

Most of the chat I had was about Apple. Just bout every member of the tour spoke with, reenforced a thought that Robert and I had shared: Apple lost more on Tuesday than did AR. AR is making inroads everywhere, and the executives in the room were thinking more seriously about how to use it last night, than they had been last week, before the Apple presentations.

I sat for a while chatting over sushi with a professor at the University of Amsterdam who heads up the research labs. He named a half-dozen ways that dental students would be using AR in their practices and how they were already learning with AR in ways far superior than was previously possible.

This is how AR is changing businesses of all kinds. Not in the spectacular hoopla of whales leaping out of gymnasium floors but in small and useful ways that improve understanding and communications in all sorts of work.

Dentistry, architecture, construction, design, product showcasing, travel, non-gaming entertainment, fixing elevators, tractors and replacing manuals. This is how AR will change everything over the next ten years.

For customers and users, dental students, logistical operators, the device makers are almost irrelevent for now. The software apps being developed on Unity platforms that will work on both Apple and Android devices, that is how AR will change the future of work.

I am very grateful to that dentist for sharing with me what is happening at just one Dutch university, because he reenforced my vision for AR in the near-term future.

That brings me to the pitch portion of this post. Robert Scoble and I will be teaching an online class called AR & the Future f Work on Oct. 2. You can take advantage of our Earlybird rate of $97 for a few more days until the price jumps by $50 on Sunday, the $247 the following Sunday.

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