How an Aussie School Teaches Careers in VR

Swinburne University, a career focused university based in Melbourne, Australia is partnering with Eon Reality to expand its use of VR and AR for educating students in engineering, robotics, science and in private industry collaboration projects.

It also uses a cool 360-degree video to give potential applicants a virtual tour of the campus, but to us, the big deal is that a pragmatic university focused on giving students a realistic understanding of the jobs they hope to fill get immersive tastes of those jobs via mixed reality technologies.

So far, 1500 students have experienced these mixed reality technologies in their studies and now it is growing. I think Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Trinity and the remainder of the world’s greatest university should follow Swinburne’s lead.

So should public grade school, corporate training programs, distance learning programs and anywhere else where teaching is involved.

Simply put, VR and AR is a superior way to teach and an easier more effective way to learn. The Chinese are world leaders in using VR in public schools. They are even experimenting with Virtual Teachers.

Some forward-thinking public school students in the US and UK are benefitting from taking virtual tours of Buckingham Palace and the White House. I am sure they will soon be tour the Louvre, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Gettysburg battlefield.

This is how I would want my children to learn, my employees to be trained and how I would be thinking about improving my customer experiences.

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