Transformation Group Wants a Few Good StartUps

There are two parts to what Robert Scoble and I are up to at Transformation Group:

Big Brands. For the first two months we have focused on building products and programs to serve big brands that wish to better understand Mixed Reality technologies such as VR, AR, AI, autonomous cars and even bots.

Toward that goal we have put together the core elements of a process that begins with education and — through partnerships — can carry clients all the way through to product development and long term strategies.

We have lots of conversations going on in this area and we understand that many corporate thinkers feel that it is still early for them to be dedicating resources and focus on AR strategies.

We understand. The brands we are trying to attract right now are the ones who aspire for thought and category leadership. They are the ones that understand the transformation is taking form faster than most people think and the smart play is to start now to stay in front of competitors as. well as their own customers, particularly younger ones.

Now as Transformation Group enters its third month we are are expanding focus with our second strategic prong.

StartUps. We want to serve as an advisory team to early phase companies. These companies should already have some form of financing but still be in the early phases.

We want companies whose technology is disruptive and pioneering in Mixed Reality, companies who aspire to prosper by changing the world. Robert and I are particularly well suited in this way. I have 20 years of experiencing helping companies position themselves launching products for the first time and learning the finer points of telling their narratives to various audiences.

Robert has probably interviewed and visited more innovative startups — particularly in Mixed Reality than anyone. He is an extremely keen eye for innovative technologies and one of the highest quality lists of valuable contacts.

Together we can help companies from inception to transaction. We will take in projects, but what we really want is a few retainer relationships that reward us with a small taste f equity.

We have just started talking to startups and have a few deals in the works, but we are looking for more.

Interested? Contact me here or at