What Apple Really Wants at Corning Glass

The Verge had a good article about Apple investing $200 million in Corning, the glass company, supposedly for its diamond-tough Gorilla Glass products used as smartphone screens including Apple.

I am sure that is part of the story, but it might be a far smaller part.

Back in 2013, I wrote about Corning, the glass company for Forbes. They had begun to post a series of YouTube concept videos of how glass mirrors, windows and countertops would be used to fulfill the 25-year-old vision of Ubiquitous Computing.

I loved the idea and Robert Scoble and I wrote about it the following year in Age of Context. Since then, I had wondered about Corning’s idea, because I loved the idea of closet mirrors that let you see what you’d look like in an outfit you were holding up on a hanger, of a bathroom mirror that gave you your schedule and reminders as you brushed your teeth and the ability to move a recipe from your computer to your counter top with a finger swipe.

But, like other concept demos, I started to feel that it is a vision that was not heading to reality.

I felt it was a a dream that should not be abandoned. It is AI-based “smart glass” and part of our Fourth Transformation.

Now, as I see Corning in the sites of Apple Computer, I understand just why Cupertino covets Corning. The smart glass concept fits into the iPhone 8 plan and into the AR capability of a new connected iPhone platform.

This is a very big deal I think and you will be hearing, seeing and then using Corning smart glass far sooner than you may think. It will be in your home and workplace, and perhaps in the windshield of your new autonomous car.

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