Ask Me to Write for You

I like writing.
*I really like writing.*

I want to write for real people. Blog posts, copywriting, poems, articles, expositions, short stories — you name it. I want to create meaningful content and compel my readers. I want to write for money, but heck, I write just as happily for free.

If you have something that needs to be written, why not ask me to do it for you? Then you walk off into the sunset with a bit of work finished effortlessly and professionally, a few hours of your valuable time saved, and I get an addition to my portfolio and “the satisfaction of a job well done.”

In the end we both have the right to say no — me to that school paper you really ought to do yourself (education is important) or you to that prosaic piece that didn’t quite sound like you (because, well, it wasn’t) — but our chances for mutual success are pretty high.

Who’s Gonna Buy It?

Obviously there are bills to pay and, let’s face it, consumerism to give into. Ideally, I’d charge per project, but I know you read that line where I confessed to writing gratis with equal joy. Still, this is my proposal; send me yours, and let negotiations begin!

Michelle deVries
Freelance Writer