ten words a day, july 2016

july 5
tonight was the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream

july 6
information fills books. knowledge fills heads. wisdom will fill lives

july 7
even when you are not needed, you are not unwanted

july 8
with one voice we gave the only thing we had: worship

july 9
but I didn’t even realize it was my nephew’s birthday

july 10
we got away from everything, where it couldn’t follow us

july 11
how desperately persistent the ocean seems on an overcast day

july 12
the CD keeps skipping and it’s a hot winter day

july 13
Jesus. Your love is the best mystery I’ll never solve

july 14
like my neighbour kid taught me. walk outside. yell. repeat

july 15
I’m going to resign I think. I read his heartbreak

july 16
got a complete makeover to imitate what’s gone on inside

july 17
growing up means strength, independence [and spending heaps of money?]

july 18
lush hotels, quaint cafés. the bustling inner city welcomes you

july 19
I have lived well here. I will be fondly remembered

july 20
they crossed over oceans to be wed in the rain

july 21
gifts have short lives but words outlast all of us

july 22
one year later, you’re the ones I’ve grown up with

july 23
your letter was unexpectedly wonderful. I could feel every word

july 24
there will always be some people who you never forget

july 25
with everything he did, you knew. he really loved her

july 26
bravely we wade, into the shallows, tiptoeing past the shoreline

july 27
can we stay here, together, for just a little longer?

july 28
so much has changed, but then, some things never do

july 29
learn the stories your grandparents tell you, your own histories

july 30
beaches and drive-ins. every magical summer thing has arrived

july 31
people are surprising. we care more than we let on