Buying a car in 2015 — #RequestForStartup
Mitali Pattnaik

We hear ya Mitali! We’re a San Francisco-based financial technology company on a mission to help car Buyers find and finance vehicles sold by private Sellers. We’ve all felt the pain of trying to finance a neighbor’s car. But what if there was an easier way to shop for cars sold without markup and middle men while knowing which ones are accident-free and under warranty? What if you could shop from the privacy of your home or on the go and complete the process entirely online? What if you could get the cash as soon as you’re ready to buy and see accurate financing terms for each car without affecting your credit score? What if you could quickly get the funds to buy after test driving? What if you could skip having to wait in line at a DMV office and deal with tax logistics? We’re Informed, and we believe in a better car buying and financing experience without middlemen and their price markup.

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