An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

I am a 50 year old grandmother. When Pokemon came out I was to OLD to take it seriously.. I mean really no one my age would be seen showing interest in a KIDS Game… Then Pokemon Go came out… Everyone was playing it. And I mean EVERYONE. SO I Downloaded it. Became fascinated with it within seconds and literally seconds into the game I was hooked.

Through the server crashes, and the hacker attack(Never even noticed it as well nothing more then another down time for the servers. lol). And the tracking system broke… Then low and behold Pokevision came up.. I tried it.. Had to have a way to track the poke I hunted for hours out on my nightly walks… Wonderful addition to Pokemon go…

I met people.. Joined a group.. Mystic players of Oklahoma.. Great people, fun times, creating Events and meeting up to play and stay safe…I admit it was not all laughter and fun…There was the incident of someone trying to run me over with their car, the killed my cat instead.. Yes My CAT Would walk around the block with me at night… Ok well moving on… I still played for a week.. Pokemon turned off the tracking (Poor choice there, FIXING it does not mean Turning it off, ts a needed part of the game). Ok so thats stopped.. We have pokevision to help us… Uh oh no we don’t. The sight was shut down.. BOO HISSS BOOO. Now what do we do? Try and hunt Pokemon with no tracking… Ok am I walking int he right direction? No turn around. how about now? No turn again and again and the Pokemon is gone. De-spawned. I have not caught a new Pokemon in my area in days.

Pokevision barely worked before in my area.. now nothing works… Am I going to still play.. Not as much.. Will I buy in game items like I did before? NO. Thats all Niantic is after.. Money.. So thats all you guys care about is your bottom dollar.. so no more money for you…I always said.. If something is broke, Don’t fix it your self.. Get a professional to do it..Because we all know the times “WE” tried to fix something and made it WORSE!! Well Niantic.. Its your Turn.. You broke it you tried to fix it and its still broke and then the one patch we have to hold it together while you fixed it was stopped and then you did not FIX IT.. You removed it altogether..

Just where are your brains at Guys? In Your left shoe? You don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…but oh well there went the baby, the soap and the bath water…Am I going to still be playing this game in 3 weeks time? No, I doubt it.. I never even picked up my phone in the last 2 days to play.. Why? Because the game has become BORING and useless…. Like alot of fads. Do you even understand that one wrong step and you have lost about 87% of your players? All because of the WANT OF MONEY!! Pathetic. Well I have said my Rant.. For what good it will do. I am but one person out of 80 million.

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