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It is difficult, even from hindsight, to see how equal opportunity (not outcome) for women in the workforce, won’t disrupt family life… at least in the short term. It seems we are engaged in a massive experiment. The combination of accessible birth control and financial independence for women is completely new since the 1970s. This is a drop in the bucket in human social development, and it’s causing confusion for all. But we can’t go back.

  • I’m sure you would not want a return to the pre-1970 silence in the face of flagrant cheating, physical and sexual abuse, credit denial, limited career opportunities, etc. My own mother went on a hunger strike to force her father to allow her to attend a women’s college. He didn’t believe in educated women, (they made unsuitable wives). Two generations later and his attitude seems archaic, in Western countries at least!

Educated women have fewer children, this is true. Overall I think it’s a good thing for the planet. And I agree that feminism is often crossing over into absurd rhetoric and losing relevance.

How to strike a balance for family life, without forcing both men and women into roles that crush their spirits?