My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Thank you for your thoughtful essay and I have a respectful response.

I’m an independent voter and I meet all people as individuals, including their race, gender, profession, class, etc. as part of the total person.

I am, along with the huge majority of Americans, aware of the heinous history of severe racism in the pre-1965 civil rights era. Honestly, could any halfway educated citizen miss knowing this?

Of course there are holdouts and confederate flag-waving nutjobs. (I live in North Carolina so I’m all too aware of these outliers.) Clearly, they do not represent the majority and are losing steam and dying out.

Most of the people I know meet black Americans in our every day lives, living their every day lives, and we appreciate them, or not, based on that encounter. Sometimes it’s an intimate friendship and sometimes it’s a commercial exchange and everything in between.

It seems to me that you are asking for a purging of the white (and Asian and Hispanic?) soul… and that somehow this purging will change something for some black people who are still suffering from a host of social ills.

Clearly, I am supposed to feel guilt. Feeling this guilt will somehow translate into a net benefit to black America and to a “healing”.

I’m sorry that you still feel so oppressed, but I don’t see that I have a role to play here.

I truly hope you feel better soon.

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