I’m a lazy sod.

I’m lazy. I’m a cheat. And I don’t put as much effort into things as I ought to. This isn’t anything new, this is a problem that has plagued me my entire life.

I’ve accepted it.


There is a special kind of low self-esteem that haunts graduate students. Or maybe it’s just Humanities graduate students. Or possibly it’s just Humanities graduate students at universities that spent all their efforts and money on STEM programs. I have nothing against the sciences (math is a completely different story — don’t get me started on math). But when you are emptying out your bank account to go to a conference in California and STEM graduate students are going to Europe, it’s hard not to feel like the university’s red headed stepchild. So I feel a certain justification in slacking off.

In not living up to my true potential.

Which is why I looked up cheat guides for Plague, Inc. last night.

I’ve spent a year attempting to beat the fungus level to no avail. I got frustrated. And I caved.

I’m not proud of myself by any means.

But I beat it.

After two goes.

I’m shit at cheating.

I’m really good at being lazy, however.

So I’ve got that going for me at least.