Even a Plant Needs Love. Everything Needs Love.


Yes, even a plant needs love. I have a plant that I have been taking care of for the past 7 years. I absolutely love this plant. It is my first plant that I ever took care of. I call it my baby (I am serious). I have this weird connection with this plant. I feel its emotions. It comforts me through every experience; both good and bad. I know it will be by my side, no matter what, literally.

I have always feared love. It is a topic I try to avoid, at all cost. I remember as a child, I was always in a space of love. I loved everything and everyone around me (aww, how sweet and innocent). Then I grew older, and understood that the more I pour my love into something (or someone), disappointment arises. Maybe I love to deeply? Who knows? I decided that I need rethink what love means to me.

❤ Me + Little Brother ❤

Love; compassion, forgiveness, optimism, burning sensation, patience, tolerance, self compassion, love, appreciation, caring, empathy, courage, vulnerability, and the list goes on.

Love = growth

Fear = protection

When you love, you naturally grow. Whether you love something or someone, you are growing. Growing is not to be feared, but embraced. When I fear, and feel the need to protect myself, I am not living a life of inner growth. Love is a choice. It is a very personal choice. Same goes for fear. You can choose to fear just as equally as you can choose love. Which one would you prefer?

Lately, I decided to go down the path of love. I want to become a more compassionate, forgiving, optimistic, and caring person. The fact that I am writing these down, already make me feel great inside.

As my journey in Israel is coming to an end, I look back and think of all the positive experiences I had here. Israel has taught me how to love. It has taught me what it means to be surrounded by a loving community. The people I have met here, the bond, the experience, were all so loving.

With only 108 more days in this country, before I relocate to California, I take away the most precious gift of all; the understanding of what LOVE is.

❤ Shelley