Hello, My Name is Intuition…

❤ Nice To Meet You ❤

Please, pull me forward. I have waited all this time to be pushed, but the truth is, I now wait to be pulled. Taking chances as you get older seem to be more complicated. No matter how much I heard that growing up, I never fully understood it until I actually got to a certain age (29 years young). Why would it be difficult? You want to do something, then just do it? No? Deciding on leaving a country after 12 years of being here, was one of the biggest challenges I ever had. Why? Let’s just say my mind was playing tricks on me. My mind was making literally 1,000,000 excuses of why I should not pick up and relocate out of my “comfort zone”. That was the main obstacle I was facing. I was waiting to be pushed out of here, but in reality, I was really just hoping to be pulled. That “pull” has finally arrived (YAY!).

There is approximately 101 days till I step on a flight that will change my reality. My reality is great. But a change in reality sounds even better. I am the type of person that always strives to grow. I like to expand, evolve, learn, and explore. When I am in one spot for to many years, the growth process feels like it comes to a screeching halt. I have made the decision to go, despite barely having any money (just a few hundred dollars), possibly losing my current boyfriend, and loyal clients that I have been working with for several years. With no promise what Los Angeles will offer, I still have an optimistic heart. In fact, I would call it optimal behavior.

At his current moment, I am seeing a career consultant. I would like to move L.A with some type of direction. What is interesting about this consultant, is she helps you build a lifestyle you want, and implement a career around it. I absolutely love that concept. I am not a 9–6 type of woman. I am a person that loves spontaneity. I thrive off a random schedule.

So you are probably wondering what we have discovered about what type of lifestyle I want? I am all about morphic resonance (if you believe in biology) or manifestation (if you believe in spirituality), and I am over the moon to build my future. I would ideally like to travel the world for 5 years, with my boyfriend (who thankfully, decided to join me on my adventure), and to teach at different retreats all around the world. I would like to teach Yoga and Writing. Additionally, I would like to write a blog to document my experience. Why have I chosen this path? I would like to find my tribe. I have had the privilege to be in a country that is very “community” oriented,, and I would like to have that no matter where I am situated in this world.

What an awesome experience? Just thinking that I would be able to do my 2 favorite things (I am extremely passionate about writing and yoga, it almost feels like an addiction), brings me great joy in my heart. Travel around the world, design, organize, produce, teach, and run a yoga and writing retreat, while writing a blog, omg, WOW! The atoms in my body are jumping up and down as I am writing this.

Figuring your life out is no walk in the park. It is a very slow (and often times tortuous) experience. Some people do not mind figuring out why they were put here, and that is totally okay. However, if you are like me, and you are driven to figure out why the heck you are here, I just want to let you know that I completely understand you.

With that being said, it is time to wrap this article up. If you think you have found something that pulls you towards a specific direction, hang on to that rope for dear life. Things can change. Ideas can change. Your life purpose might shift into a different direction down the line, and that is totally fine. But if you feel like something is poking at you, then it is time to own it and take full responsibility. What you get out of doing what you feel is right for you at this very moment, brings great reward. Things will flow into your life, that were very unexpected. Plenty of doors will open up, and just like it took me a very long time to trust my calling, I do have faith that this is what I will be doing for the time being. I am not afraid anymore. I am full of love, optimism, gratitude, and belief. I have decided that if pour my heart into writing and yoga, then the world will provide me all that I need and more!

Thank you intuition, for being so god damn stubborn!