On friendship and other things

Not everyone has had a friend.’ I turned my eyes away from the book the moment I read this line. The little prince always inspires me to continue my way through the hustling roads of Hubian amidst honking and cranking of cars and crowd. Myriad waves of thoughts started crossing my mind. It was a routine now. It was a bright sunny day except the fact that it was shrouded with my thoughts about a lot of things. Well, I like to be vague about these ‘things’ as they are never just about one thing.

I turned on the radio and started listening to Portrait 19 by The Paper Kites. It’s the kind of song you listen to in cozy winters with your arms crossed around your body with eyes closed and head tilted slightly backwards to rest it on the back of the seat. In that moment, I didn’t really want to feel anything but the glimmers of sunlight falling on my face. I looked outside from the window to see the clouds. There were shades of blue, gray, white, orange and yellow all together. I noticed the light coming from behind the cloud from the sun and how it delineated the gray cloud by a bright sunlight yellow. The golden (read silver ) lining formed by sunlight gave me hope. Hope to carry forward. Hope to carry on.

Sometimes, I wonder how delusional people are. There are so many things in this world to think about instead of talking about someone wearing mismatched pair of socks and shoes. Further away from the city, I could see mountains on either side of the road. That got me into thinking (yet again) what if I could talk to mountains? Maybe they are like us. They want to move but they can not. They keep echoing things people say to them and do not rebel. What if all this while mountains have been moving and we are stationary? I can ascertain this fact in my head atleast. All of a sudden, the air around me started feeling heavier. The only sound I was able to hear was of my own breathes. The one hour ride to the office seemed like forever. I glanced through the line ‘ Not everyone has had a friend..’ again. It was a difficult day because I started thinking about friends (perhaps, acquaintances now ) who once made difference in my life subtly drifting away without any notice. We get busier by the day and hopeless by the night. My phone beeped. It was an email from a very close friend. As I started delving into emotions and painting a vivid picture, I looked out of my window again to see two kids reassembling toys which they got from some kid who grew up too old for them or just got bored. Their eyes were bright with amusement every time they took out something out of those black bags they got. We have started moving towards an era where we need to be reminded to drink water by an app, where we talk to our phone’s AI to solve our problems, where we are afraid of missing out.

The smile on those kids’ faces is still clear in my mind. It is this simplicity of emotions that we need to rekindle our friendships, and life with more meaning. All these thoughts had now gotten hold of me. I missed my turn for office and treaded tangentially towards a never ending path. A path to salvation or to future failures.

I never understood these humans. I got into my spaceship which was parked appropriately away from the site of city dwellers and flew back to Planet 42, hitchhiking my way through the less travelled path to find meaning of life again.