I’m Keeping My Eyes On Jesus

Wonderful things have been happening in my life. I am finally pursuing the things that bring me joy.

The thing though is that I am terrified! It has always felt safer to remain stagnant and small. Being small quiets the anxiety and trepidation, but it does not calm the desires of my heart to add so much more to this world. Fear has been a longtime companion of mine, not a friend certainly. Fear is a bully that robs you of the gifts and talents that the Lord has bestowed upon you! Every time I have looked fear in the face and done it anyway I have felt complete joy in the aftermath.

Last night I started to feel fearful and anxious. Instead of chasing the fear I sat quietly with my eyes closed and let Jesus to speak into my heart. He did not disappoint. He never does.

I saw a vision of myself standing in the center of a huge log that bridged a wide roaring river. I am fearful of extreme heights, so the panic I felt standing on a slippery log with the noise of the raging river came swift and became all consuming. The river was a long ways down and dotted with giant boulders and jagged rocks if I fell I would be killed instantly.

I was trapped by my fear. I could not close my eyes for fear of falling. I could not take a single step, I was frozen.

And then He came.

Jesus came to me. He came right up to me there on that log where I was completely absorbed in my fear and he whispered ever so softly…

“Keep your eyes on me, don’t look down. I will not let you fall.”

No, my fear did not magically disappear, but it lessened with every single beat of my heart. He walked effortlessly backwards across the log as I kept my eyes on His. I was no longer concentrating on my fear. My entire focus was on Him and His love for me.

Did I make it to the other side of the river? No, I haven’t yet, but I know that if I keep my eyes on Jesus eventually I will.