“Be the change you want to see: Invest in Female Entrepreneurs”

Join the movement: #WomenWhoShatter

I am Shelly Kapoor Collins and I founded the Shatter Fund to invest in female entrepreneurs because I want to change the way that female entrepreneurs are supported, how they are funded, and how they scale their businesses. Technology is the greatest equalizer of the 21st century but without women in the innovation economy there is no equality. That is the change I want to see, and lead through the Shatter Fund.

We don’t have to look too far back in history to realize that less than 30 years ago, women were required to have male relatives co-sign their business loan applications. This all changed in 1988 with the passing of the Women’s Business Ownership Act. Although we are now at least talking about the need for equal access to capital for women entrepreneurs, we are just getting started. Talk is not action. It is my calling to play a major role in leading the change that puts women on equal footing with their male counterparts when it comes to gaining access to capital to scale their businesses.

Why invest in women?

Often, data shows it’s a smart business opportunity that produces great investor returns. In fact, companies with female founders performed 66% better than those with all male founders. It makes sense. When women have a hand in developing solutions that address women’s needs, it positively impacts the bottom line. Investing in women is smart for our economy, for our country and for the Tech industry.

Yet, the math doesn’t add up. For example, despite documented higher investor returns, women receive less than 4% of venture funding, and less than 6% of women are in venture capital.

Further, a McKinsey study found that when women went from holding 37 percent of all US jobs to nearly 48 percent over the past 40 years, the productivity gains associated with this modest increase accounted for approximately one-quarter of our current GDP. In other words, more than a stunning three and a half trillion dollars was generated by the increase of women’s participation in the economy. This gain is greater than the GDP of Germany and more than half of the GDPs of both China and Japan!

We MUST change the face of investing. I founded the Shatter Fund because I want to make a difference for my generation, for my daughter’s generation and generations to come.

So, what’s my call to action?

It’s twofold. First, my call to action is to scale up female entrepreneurship through the Shatter Fund. I’m saying YES to investing in viable, returns-driven female led and founded companies. I have a fiduciary duty to our investors and look for companies that meet our strict investment thesis and are returns driven. Some of my investments include GlamSquad, UrbanSitter, On Second Thought, Barnraiser, Kraus Aerospace and HelloAlice, alongside tier one investors such as NEA, Sherpa Ventures, Jean Case and more.

Second, as part of driving this change, I am launching a social media campaign, #WomenWhoShatter as a salute to all the women I know and those I don’t who are reaching new heights, fighting, standing up, believing, and making a difference in our world.

I’m inspired and motivated by the women around me who are making differences in our world, daily, and I thrive off the success of other women. Through the Shatter Fund, I want to play a key role in connecting women with the most basic thing they need to attain that success — access to capital.

Be the change YOU want to see. Join the #WomenWhoShatter movement starting tomorrow, May 12th, by sharing the #WomenWhoShatter image below on your social media of choice, and tell us your story about why you are a woman who shatters! And, tag the women who inspire you. Shatter Away!