Diversity in our Classroom Libraries
Stephanie Calixto

Hi Stephanie,

You made a really good point that having a strong cultural identify is important for children growing up. Nowadays in America is a diverse society, students should be taught to see different cultural equally but not follow the hegemony. Students should be educated respect multicultural/ multilingual. The facts I saw in most of the teenagers in middle school and high school they sometimes refuse to speak Chinese to their parents in the public. When you ask them why, they will either answer “It is rude!” or “We speak English in the U.S.” Those students have trouble to recognize their own identity. I think as an educator it is our obligation to bring the multicultural literature like you mention, to expand their perspectives. However, it is really sad that the political situation right now have reinforce the racist, not to mention the student even me as an international student has the fear of my identity in this country.

Thank you for yor post!

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