Where do I belong? Countering the cultural hegemony
Stephen Bass

Hi Steve,

You brought up an important point that regarding promote a cultural literacy. As Hook says” None of the courses of study, nothing about the teaching, make the connection for me, or facilitated my discovery of a connection” (Hook, 2003, p. 177) Students cannot make the connection to the literature without related context or their spirit being ignore. Thank you for pointing out that the CCCSS allows teachers to provide students with whatever tools and knowledge to help student. I was think that, as a Taiwanese student and grew up over there, the cultural things I learn about other country are always the white people story, seldom do we notice the fact that we live in the diversity of the global village. There should be more materials added to our teaching in order to maintain or justice. I kind of know why I always feel that Western country is always superior to Eastern, it is because our education has dominated by the hegemony to the world. Although Taiwan just a small country, there are so many unique things to value not merely the western country we pursue. Also, I think this is also a major reason why there are so many immigrants from Taiwan or China nowadays and they didn’t really know why they came.

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