Garbage In — Garbage Out: Cut The Clutter

Garbage in, garbage out is a phrase used to express the idea that in computing and other spheres, incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty output.

How does this relate to us? We feed our brains and our bodies, it processes the information, and then it spits it out in our thoughts, beliefs and actions. So, it makes sense that if we feed ourselves garbage, then garbage is what we put out

As children we really have no way to know if we are being fed garbage. We place our trust in the adults around us. As a child I was surrounded by toxic and abusive people and lifestyles. My frame of reference was of families where children were not uplifted, or encouraged to succeed. Instead I was belittled, told I was not important, and thought that being treated like shit was the norm.

Of course now I know different. And how do I know that?

I have been fed better information. Because I sought out better information.

Let me interject here, before I give you the list of the worst garbage offenders, one being quick fixes. This is not always an easy process. Years, and in my case, decades of bad and harmful information was so ingrained I had become that information. I had to have a complete hardware rebuild. At the end of the post I will tell you how I rebooted. (Don’t you just love the computer lingo!)

Here are a list of what I see as the worst garbage offenders.

Environment — Is your work space a mess? Is your bedroom a place of chaos with the television or computer running while you are in bed? Have you gone garbage blind to just how this may affect you? I challenge you to take action on one piece. Whether it be to clean up your work space or not watch T.V. while in bed. Do you feel the difference? Are you sleeping better? Are you more productive because you aren’t always having to scour through piles of work?

Toxic people — Lots of words written on toxic people. You know who they are and why they do what they do. They feed you the worse kind of garbage — their toxic nature and their desire to bring you down.

These people you have to just get out of your life. And before you say, “I can’t”, yes you can. I got rid of my very toxic mother-in-law by divorcing my first husband. I got rid of my toxic second husband by divorcing him. I have let go of several “friends” due to their toxic nature. Yes it sucks and yes it was painful, in the short term. But for the long haul, it was worth the pain.

Now that I am mentally healthy I recognize a toxic person long before they are allowed to enter my space.

Reality TV — Now I will admit I am a sucker for shows like Project Runway and Top Chef. I don’t care for the drama they create but I love the creative process of these individuals. And if it weren’t for Chopped, I would never learned the importance of a good sauce!

I think, next to toxic people, this is the worse garbage you can feed your mind. There is no redeeming value to reality TV. Read a book instead. Go for a walk instead. Learn to make a great sauce instead.

Quick fixes — Not only dangerous to your mental health, but quick fix diet scams can be dangerous to your health. Quick fixes are scams to rob you of your money. We often think we can implement a quick fix, because we don’t always see the effort it took someone to lose 100 pounds or start a six-figure business.

We are often presented with the finished product. It took me 50 years to get as dysfunctional as I was. I certainly wasn’t going to solve that problem in two weeks!

If it is too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true. Even the ads for these products, have the disclaimer, “results are not typical.”

So what is the answer? Figure out the healthy tools and resources to use.

Here is a list of the three top ways that helped me get my act together and come clean.

Become more self-aware

Without self-awareness, there is no self-improvement. Self-awareness is knowing who you are, your core values, and your strengths. Then fully integrate your values and your strengths into your life.

End bad habits

But first you must understand the whole science behind why and how habits form. Then devise a plan to end those habits. (Quick tip — you never really get rid of a bad habit, you replace it with a good one.) You can start by replacing a bad habit with a good one!

Get your emotions under control

Your emotions can wreak havoc on your day and they are the worst offenders perpetuating garbage. The angrier you get the stronger your story becomes about the event or person who offended you.

Stop the New Year’s Resolution Madness

There are all sorts of websites that list the top 10 New Year Resolutions. Here are a few of my favorite and ones that people make every year:

Lose weight
Save money
Quit smoking (Don’t set this as a resolution, for Pete’s sake)
Get organized
Spend more time with family and friends
Learn something new

What do these even mean? What does lose weight look like? Ten pounds, a hundred pounds?

Save money — how much and for what?

Learn something new — what and why?

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