My One Goal — Me

Somewhere on the Southern Oregon Coast

I tried to start an online membership site for women over 40, a place for them to commune, get support, resources, live calls, to help them create and live a life they love.

I spent almost five years and a lot of money trying to create that business, that success, that entrepreneurial life, that idea of what I thought I wanted.

Then came time to launch and crickets. I am not sure why I didn’t succeed. I did everything that everyone told me to do. From working on my own mindset to the right social media marketing, to purchasing expensive equipment, to do all the worksheets the guru’s told me to. I had a FB group, a FB page, I put myself out there all the time, live video’s, newsletter that got rave reviews, live interviews with amazing women, free training.

Yet I persevered. (For a while) Because people told me how great I was, that what I was doing was benefiting many women. I gave away, probably too much, for free. I started feeling resentful and starting hating the very thing I loved five years ago. (I also began to resent my story — the one I was building this business around).

Then one day I said fuck it and chucked it all. And I have never been happier.

You can find me at and doing what makes me happy.

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