Democrats have gradually lost the ability to articulate why we believe what we believe.
Democrats Need to Quit Worrying About Winning and Start Leading
Michael Slaby

This midterm, I was astounded how none of the Democratic leadership took a role in promoting what the party stood for and this is why the GOP successfully used the label of a “mob.”

Leaderless, messageless, the group looks like pitchforks and torches.

This is the failing of the Democrats -- no strong leadership, no national unifying message.

2018 was not a vote for Democrats. It was a vote to stop the GOP freight train off the cliff. It was unchanneled anger AWAY from something, not toward a goal.

Why was there not a healthcare platform promoted in the midterm that candidates publicly supported? “If elected, I support the Democrats proposal of 2019 Healthcare Reform Act.”

There was no social media push by the Dems. Look at the Twitter feeds for House and Senate Dems.

No leadership.