APPE’s Vertical Bagger And Vertical Form Fill Bagger — Best In The World

The Company that excels in making the equipment is American Packaging & Plant Equipment (APPE). Since 2007, APPE has done research and development. APPE experts have come up with the most scientific and lucrative solutions. These have led them to create the best bagging equipment available in the market of today. The Company’s machines are simple, hardy, and easy to use. These user-friendly machines are very much high in demand amongst all customers. APPE manufacturers are proud that they have managed in helping Operators and Maintenance in all factories. Every factory that uses the bagging equipment from APPE gets to pack almost 1 million bags on a regular basis.

APPE manufactures and sells mainly two types of vertical bagger machines. These include the Vertobagger2.0 and Vertobagger2.0 Ultrasonic. Both these machines are vertical bagger but they differ from each other in several ways.

Vertobagger2.0: The VertoBagger2.0 Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine. This has been designed to work nonstop for 24x7 productions. This machine has the following unique features:

· VertoBagger2.0 can fill up to 180 bags per min

· The maximum width of the bag should be 12”

· There are six servo motors that are digitally geared. These have synchronous motion

· VertoBagger2.0 is the only vertical bagger machine that can handle high speeds with Biodegradable plastic material

· There are off the shelf part available

· VertoBagger2.0 is the simplest yet most advanced vertical bagger machine available in the market

Vertobagger2.0 Ultrasonic: This is also a vertical form fill bagger machine. This model is more refined than the VertoBagger2.0 already discussed. However, this model also works for nonstop 24x7 productions. This machine has the following features:

· It has energy saved of 70 %

· It has material saved of 15 %

· There is 50% reduction when there is loss is line

· Maximum speed is 140 bags per min

· The maximum width of bag should be 12″

· This model also has six servo motors digitally geared for synchronous motion

· Vertobagger2.0 Ultrasonic is the only machine in the industry that handles high speed with Biodegradable plastics.

· Parts are easily available

· Simple and yet advanced vertical bagging machine in the market