Equipments For Testing Air Quality

Maintaining Industrial Hygiene involves monitoring the Indoor air quality for presence of chemical, biological or radiological contaminants. Our collection of modern area sampling pumps and air sampling pumps are the right gadgets for you to effectively maintain Industrial Hygiene by getting the accurate numbers about the air quality.

The equipments

Air sampling pumps

We have an impressive collection of air sampling pumps by Buck Elite. These are personal air samplers featuring a pump covered by a Lexan which is filled with high impact steel fiber, electronic circuit board for constant flow control, pump mechanism based on a single diaphragm, rechargeable NiMH battery pack, LCD display and a case which is shielded from EMI/RFI. Some other features you get in such equipments include:

● In-built duration timer for counting the sampling time to about 40 hours

● Automatic pump shut-off

● Display of flow rate, accumulated volume and elapsed time

● 10 ON/OFF duration cycles

● Easy downloading of the sampling data into a PC

The accuracy of the equipments is +/- 5% of the compensation range. The running time can be between 20 and more than 50 hours depending upon the model you choose from our collection. Auto restart within one minute of flow fault is a desirable feature of the equipments. The gadgets also come equipped with key pad lock system.

Gas Sampling and detection tubes

Gas sampling is used to measure gas and vapour concentration in the air accurately. Our gas sampling pumps include Gastec Gas Sampling Pump with Stroke Counter. This pump is well calibrated, displays ambient temperature and is lightweight. The pump has been covered with a soft elastomer for a proper grip. Other features of the pump are as follows:

● In-built counter for displaying the number of strokes

● Automatic tracking up to 10 strokes

● Accurate tally

● Simple resetting of the counter to zero with a twist of the dial

● In-built detector tube beaker with diamond cutting edge

● Full stroke position for a sample volume of 100ml and half stroke position for a sample volume of 50ml

● Red line to indicate complete stroke

● Flow finish indicator for enabling accurate collection of sampling volumes

We also sell Gastec standard GV-100 gas sampling pump which includes a thermal ring for measuring ambient temperature.

Detection tubes are also available for different gases such as Xylene, Water vapour, Vinyl Chloride, Vinyl Acetate, Trichloroethylene, Toluene, etc. with different detection ranges.