Types of Residential Treatment Centres

Adolescent resident treatments provide specialised long-term care to children who have emotional, chemical dependency or both. These children are evaluated by doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and therapists. The team plan how to take care of the child’s health and they monitor at every stage. The child stays as inpatient and enjoys all available facilities including attending local school. The family is requested to visit. Best Adolescent Residential Treatment specialises in treating both boys and girls suffering from any of the following:


• Bipolar disorder

• Chemical dependency

• Depression

• Oppositional defiant disorder

• Personality disorders


• Self-destructive behaviours

• Suicidal behaviours

• Victims of sexual abuse

Adults are more prone to alcohol and drug addiction. They too require treatment at residential centres. There are several in Texas. Promises Austin, Texas Hill Country is outside Austin. The centre is for addiction and dual diagnosis of people over 26 yrs. Centre promises clients’ recover to sobriety. Origins Recovery Centre, South Padre Island, Texas, is surrounded by the ocean. The programs last 15, 30, 60 and 90 months of treatment. Centre treats drug and alcohol addictions and promises clients complete sobriety. Caron Texas Centre located at Caron Texas treats adults over 18 years in separate gender facilities. The average stay for clients is 30 days when he/she is checked and given detoxifying medicines. Individual and group counselling, educational lectures are practised. La Hacienda Treatment Centre (1972) has 55 doctors who treat substance abuse and chemical dependency. Clients get long term complete recovery from addiction. Burning Tree treats adults suffering from addiction and chronic relapse. Austin Recovery is a nonprofit substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment facility. It offers a high standard of valuable care at a reasonable price. Family support is also provided. Phoenix House (1995) began prevention and substance abuse treatment. Best residential treatment centre in Texas is Summer Sky since it is the only private centre. It has been treating drug and alcohol addiction since 1985. Also, Summer Sky looks after the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of inpatients. This centre offers the home environment for early recovery. Texas Star Recovery is a 28-bed treatment centre for treating substance abuse and chemical dependency. The centre has certified professionals in addiction and physicians looking after physical and emotional impact from addiction.

There are several rehabilitation centres for adolescent and for adults. Before selecting the right one it is best to consult a physician to understand what is exactly wrong and where to go. Then, select a centre best suitable that is near home so one can visit the loved one.