Using Home Security Cameras For Protecting The Home

Several branded cameras are available for taking videos of activities within the premises. One should do adequate research to study the salient features of the Home Security Cameras before purchasing. Salient features of the camera include motion detection, the field of view, sound, resolution, night vision, movement, wifi and cost.

Motion detection is detected by the camera within the field of view. As soon as there is motion detection it is notified with an alert of suspicious activity. This is later monitored. Field of view is the width of the area the camera can record. This determines the number of cameras required for a certain area. The sound is received by the microphone and it is emitted through a speaker. Some cameras use both speaker and microphone for sound so they can be used as camera and intercom.

Benefits of using Camera for home security

Resolution of the camera gives the clarity of the image. The clearer the image is useful to identify the person in the image. Also, night vision recording in low to no light should be possible using built-in IR. This is necessary for recording night scenes when the maximum criminal offense takes place. Movement or tilting of the camera covers a large area. Since this feature covers more distance, a number of cameras can be reduced. WiFi is a wireless connection that is used for communication. If need be the image can be sent via the internet. Finally, the cost of the camera is important to determine the purchase. A very expensive camera may not be practical for this purpose.

After purchasing the camera, the Home Surveillance Security Systems has to be installed. Surveillance requirements have to be drawn after deciding which areas require monitoring. The diagram should include the position of the camera. There should not be anything blocking the view of the camera. It is advisable to purchase what is required either in the package or individually. The minimum system consists of 1–3 cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Siamese and BNC cables and power cords. Large areas need wireless cameras with wall mounting. In the case of Basic Home Security, 2–3 outdoor cameras, and DVR with at least 3 days of recording time. DVR records all videos and displays onto a monitor. These DVRs have varying memory capacities from hundreds of hours to a day’s worth of footage. The camera has to be mounted to the wall and connected to a power source via the adapter. The camera has to be attached to DVR. The surveillance equipment or BNC cables have to be plugged in for viewing the camera’s video. Definitely, testing should be done to make sure all are in working condition.

Keeping one’s home safe at all times even in absentia is highly recommended. It is possible in today’s world because of all the modern cameras and technologies. The cameras and other gadgets that are necessary for setting up the home surveillance security has been discussed in great detail.