Adrenal Dysregulation 101

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“What’s wrong with me?” I remember thinking. “Why am I so incredibly tired — all the time? And irritable? Why can’t I focus? I have lost all motivation. This is not who I am.”

There’s tired and then there’s T-I-R-E-D.

No amount of sleep can remedy it. That first cup (pot?) of coffee is required for basic functioning. You’re sluggish much of the day, yet perhaps get a burst of energy just as you should be going to sleep. You’re procrastinating on projects, or even small tasks. Even following your healthy diet without fail isn’t helping.

If any of this sounds familiar, you could be way beyond “just” tired and instead, experiencing adrenal gland dysregulation. And you’re not alone. …


Shelly Malone, MPH, RDN

integrative & functional dietitian. author of INFLAMED. managing autoimmune disease with diet. expert kid wrangler. MPH, RDN.

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