There she is

What the fuck is wrong with me. Am I this fucking pathetic that I have had the best time of my life this past week but yet there she is standing in the back of my brain.

Amazing food, Amazing friends, danced, played music, sang, fire danced, drum circled, bowling, I even rolled around in the sheets with a beautiful woman and another beautiful woman is chasing me and telling me everything she desires in me but yet their this woman is. Still in the back of my brain.

Every morning I wake up, there she is. At night, there she is. While celebrating life with friends and loved ones on my new journey of life, the split second of my happiness, she pops up, there she is. “Wish she was here.” “she would love this” In the back of my brain and apparently can’t shake.

The fantasy really needs to abort my brain. Its not ever going to happen. I just cant shake it, well…cause…there she is.

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