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To all my Black people…I urge you to listen to both sides and evaluate how black people as a whole has done under democrat leaders. Obama has used executive actions on numerous occasions to bring illegal immigrants to legal status, he used it to ring gay marriage to legal status, he used it to pass the affordable care act, and has used it to push through so many other things too much for me to name……however, he forgot about us, the ones that came together to vote him into office “black people” he never used executive actions to change to degrading neighborhoods riddled with gang violence and add much needed jobs for these young black men to lift their way of life and away from crime. We were never created to follow behind democrats because they teach our people to be victims and to be dependent instead of independent.. God created you in his image. Im not republican but i found my way out of being indoctrinated by the democrats and following the lies. African people are loving children of the earth and not suppose to e killing each other like we are doing especially Chicago. Your skin is brown like the Earth and you are one with God. Killing each other is not what God intended for you. Please Black man, before you listen to the lies, please read your history and find out that you are Gods chosen people to teach other people of the earth that Obama was never for his people his only allegiance was for his party and keeping them in power.

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