After the Convention

The tide has turned. The Democrats are presenting a vision of unity in the face of a threat to our very existence, indeed, the very existence of the planet itself. The internal divisiveness, the contention, of the past year can finally be laid to rest.

In the bright spectacle and balloon-festooned Democratic hullabaloo, a woman in her sixties, a woman in the trenches of power, who 24 years ago stepped into the center at her husband’s side, and there, began her own gritty, gripped ascent; said yes to the Democratic nomination for president. And we exhaled, appreciative of her pantsuit, the smile finally brightening her face after these years of fight, and that progressive platform that everyone created together!

For we face an Imminent Threat now, a Threat like no other: an ill-behaved clown/ billionaire/ despot-in-the-making. He is bad, very very bad. This much we can all agree on.

Remember King George? From way back at the beginning of this crazy ride? He tyrannized our very lives, and eventually we just had had enough. Good men rose to the fore and fought, shed blood for the hope to be Free. And when it was done, they debated, as gentlemen did; they borrowed from the Greeks and stole from the Iroquois a hammer and some nails to erect a skeleton of what we might do here together on this vast and wild land. It was good. We had lofty principles we could hang the pain of the past from.

Motivated by that intoxicating lunge, we developed a thirst for expansion. We began to up our imports of people to enslave. It made good financial sense to purchase men and women from benighted lands, to use their flesh and force to compete, to grow, to become wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. For we were doing something different here, and our project had an unquenchable thirst for “resources”, as those humans and the livestock and the land and water itself eventually came to be known. (Natives be damned.)

We would never go back, and we would never allow ourselves to be subjugated to tyranny again.

240 years of such hijinks have now constellated a shit-talking, mollycoddled one-man Reality Show itching to have his finger on the button (or maybe he’s just enjoying the spectacle?). It incites us to a show of such unity, to have an enemy so clear. The pulling back of the curtain of power was becoming mighty uncomfortable, wasn’t it? That wingnut Bernie and his bros! What were they thinking??

All is well. A Muslim family who sacrificed their son in our war has spoken for us. The mothers of police-slain black boys have presented an image of courage that stirs our hearts, now that their pain has been put on display from a shiny, well-lit, and very expensive stage. All of the greats gave rousing speeches, some of the best in their lives. We’re With Her.

There is no time now for debate. We have an enemy to defeat.

It is good to have an enemy again.