Why My Clients Seek Massage

The reasons people get a massage are as diverse as the individuals getting them. However, I do notice that my clients tend to fall into three general categories.

The first reason my clients are seeking massage is that they have muscle tension, tightness or pain that they believe can be helped by the pressure, friction and heat that comes from my massage. Massage feels good to their bodies and while it is still technically a result of touch my influencing their nervous systems, their needs are site-specific and they feel the results in their backs, necks or other areas.

Another reason clients seek out massage with me is that their entire nervous system needs addressing. They may be stressed, depressed, anxious, grieving, overwhelmed or have generalized pain. They are looking to relax, take a break from their life or deal with difficult emotions. Massage can help with this by providing a soothing, nurturing touch that can calm their nervous systems and ultimately help their own bodies facilitate self-healing.

The third category of clients I notice seeking massage is individuals that are not sure how their bodies are feeling. They may feel out of touch, have dysphoria or even have a negative relationship with their bodies. They seek massage because they benefit from having another person acknowledge that their body is OK, that their body exists and despite any illness or emotional distance, their body is capable of feeling good. The touch of a compassionate, understanding person who is willing to work slowly and gently within their comfort levels and boundaries can bring them some peace within their bodies.

While these are generally the different types of clients I see in my massage practice, if you are seeking therapeutic massage for other reasons, please do not let that stop you from reaching out if you are interested in working with me. I’d love to hear from you.