Unsung Heroes II: RJB

by Sheldon Rocha Leal

These are Roy’s 4 solo albums and I appear on three of these 4 albums.
Some of the young stars Roy discovered and mentored: Anatii Mnyango, Vusi Nova, Daniel Buys, Kyle Grant, Boki Ntsime and Vincent Bones
This is a very limited number of people with whom Roy has worked: Puff Johnson, Vicky Sampson, Lira, Kelly Khumalo, Danny K, Proverb, Elvis Blue, DJ Cleo and Pitch Black Afro
These are some of the places at which he has worked
Some of the shows Roy has appeared on over the years



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Sheldon Rocha Leal, PhD

Musicologist, Musician, Songwriter, Music Business Enthusiast and Music Teacher