Unsung Heroes IV: Marianne Feenstra

by Sheldon Rocha Leal

My dear friend Tronél Hellberg was also one of Marianne’s former students and she helped console me through Marianne’s funeral.
Marianne travelled extensively and visited many amazing destinations.
Marianne was definitely not a one-trick-pony. She has many and varied interests.
Dylan Gibson was one of my former students who later became on of Marianne’s students. Just before her passing she was helping Dylan complete his Master’s Dissertation.
Tronél, myself and Christine Ludwig have all had brushes with the great Marianne Feenstra.
Marianne worked at some of South Africa’s greatest universities: the University of Cape Town; Tshwane University of Technology; the University of South Africa and the University of Pretoria.
Marianne either attended or taught at some of the top schools in the country: National School of the Arts; Collegiate Girls’ School and St Mary’s DSG.



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Sheldon Rocha Leal, PhD

Musicologist, Musician, Songwriter, Music Business Enthusiast and Music Teacher