— Rebirth Of A Publishing Dream (Redux)

I find myself, yet again, trying to start a blog that gives me a venue to write the type of writing I remember with in 2003–2004. At that point in my life, things were pretty crappy and I remember turning my computer on every morning to read Gawker simply for a bit of enjoyment.

Since then, of course, Gawker Media has become irrelevant and boring. I never read any of its properties and generally I have put it out of my mind.

And yet…

I find myself mulling over and over again the idea of at least trying to create a blog that allows me to produce content that I would like to read. A long time ago, several months ago, I found myself with the name Mediafleek and decided when I had the chance, I would try yet again to do just that.

Twice before, with Nori Magazine and Migugin, I have failed. No one read anything I wrote and the sites eventually became my personal blog for no other reason than I decided I had bought the domain names, I might as well use them.

I recently got, like, an actual job, so I decided to try again. I am also writing a novel, so if I could both write a novel and produce a blog that got even the littlest amount of traction, that would be pretty cool.

But having failed twice before, I have very, very, very, very, very low expectations. If I can get even a little bit of traction — like, say, a few dozen regular readers — then the site is a success. Any more than that, and I will be ecstatic.

And if it fails, I need to work on my novel, anyway.