Renovating a Rental Property to Enhance Its Value

Renovating a rental property is a necessity before the arrival of new tenants. But many people end up making renovation mistakes which do more harm than good. Some of these mistakes are purely related to renovation of the property, while some are related to costs. Balancing things out during renovation in order to ensure that renovation remains error free and cost effective is something that requires proper planning. Therefore, there are some things that you should take into consideration.

Remember, it’s a house, not home

While renovating, keep in mind that the place you are renovating is going to be a house for your tenants. Hence, you will have to renovate your property in a way that it looks livable. Now, the point is that you cannot over-renovate your property, and neither should you do it that way. It is going to be the temporary place to live for your tenants. But this fact shouldn’t demotivate you from renovating the property in good way. Remember, balancing things is the utmost requirement here.

Tenants should get a vision

Every tenant comes in with a vision in mind. So you have to make sure that you are answering questions regarding that vision. First, you will need to look at the very basic things. For instance, if the property is not looking clean enough, consider cleaning and removing the dust. If place is not bright enough, you can pull all of the window blinds up. If place is not very spacious, you can even consider knocking down a wall.

Consider repairing before replacing

This is the common issue. Most of the landlords just rush in to do an overhaul after the tenants leave. This is not the right way to save the costs. When the tenants leave, you get enough time to inspect things in order to know about the level of damage been done to the property and items placed in it. When you have the details, it becomes easy for you to assess what needs to be replaced or repaired.

Kitchen and bathroom

Perhaps these are the most important areas to look to when it comes to making property ready for new tenants. The reason is that these placed are crowded with fixtures all of which may be important. Now, the fixtures may work quite fine but you will have to look if they need updating. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that all floor drains are functional.


Apart from interior designing, you will also have to look at the exterior of your home. Hence, minor landscaping of your property can make it quite attractive. In fact, if you have worked well on the interior but its landscape is not impressive, the overall value of the property is also not going to be something you can regard not beneficial for you.

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