Kenworth Dash Warning Lights

Shemeka Herrington
2 min readJun 15, 2024


Understanding the dashboard warning lights on a Kenworth truck is crucial for safe and efficient operation. These lights serve as the vehicle’s way of communicating potential issues, maintenance needs, or system activations to the driver. From oil pressure warnings to the engagement of the Power Take-Offs (PTOs), each symbol has a specific meaning that can help prevent dangerous road conditions and costly repairs.

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Key Kenworth Dash Warning Lights and Their Meanings

  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL): A yellow engine block symbol indicating potential engine problems or maintenance needs. A blinking or red MIL requires immediate attention.
  • Kingpin Lock: Symbolized by an unlocked padlock, it alerts drivers to secure the kingpin to prevent unauthorized towing.
  • Engine Heater: Indicates the engine heater is in use or there’s a fault with the system.
  • Truck Body Up: A safety feature indicating the truck’s body is raised, warning the driver to lower it before moving.
  • Trailer Body Up: Similar to the Truck Body Up, it alerts about the trailer’s raised position to avoid overhead collisions.
  • Filter Regeneration: Signifies that manual regeneration of the vehicle’s filter is necessary to meet emission standards.
  • Transmission Temperature Light: Alerts the driver to potential overheating of the transmission system.
  • Air Suspension Dump: Indicates the activation of the switch to lower or raise the rear by releasing air from the suspension bag.
  • Check Transmission: A warning of potential issues within the truck’s transmission system.
  • Crane Up Warning: Alerts that the crane arm is raised, enhancing safety by reminding to lower it after use.
  • Traction Enhancement: Indicates additional weight has been added for enhanced traction, should not be used on dry roads.
  • Brake Failure: A critical warning of potential braking system failure, requiring immediate action.
  • Emission System Temperature Warning: Monitors engine temperature to ensure emissions are within regulatory standards.
  • Reset Overspeed Shutdown Indicator: Alerts to an overspeed protection system activation, requiring reset.
  • Engine Brake: Indicates the use of the engine brake for slowing down without relying on service brakes.
  • Wait To Start Indicator: Signifies the engine is pre-heating and should not be started until the indicator turns off.
  • Refrigerator Indicator: Alerts when the truck’s refrigeration system is activated or if there’s a fault.
  • Pump Mode Indicator: Used in liquid carriers, indicating the activation of the pump mode for water or other contents.
  • PTO Indicator: Shows the engagement of Power Take-Offs for operating auxiliary components.
  • Trailer Dump Front-Center-Rear: Indicates which part of the trailer is opened for dumping materials.

Understanding these symbols and taking prompt action when they illuminate can significantly enhance the safety and longevity of your Kenworth truck. Always refer to the vehicle’s manual for a comprehensive understanding of all dashboard symbols and their implications.