Conscious Living

Top 5 ways to maneuver a hectic life full of goals and deadlines.

As we elevate, transform, succeed through trials and tribulations. We all have experienced a setback, rejection; not met a personal goal. We have found the time to remember those unfortunate moments, as we reflect on ourlives its critical to make more time remembering achievements, birthdays, promotions, graduations, and reunions.

My first major accomplishment was at 14 when I found a way to convince my parents to work two shifts on a weekend at a local cosmetic store in our small town in Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal “Nambiti” South Africa called “Fiza Cosmetics”. The challenge for my parents at the time was my “personal schedule” was filled with attending two schools. In the morning at 7am I left for a normal middle-high school education and from 2–5pm I was attending a twelve year religious school which I had commenced at 3 years old this included subjects similar to traditional schools that meant at the end of the year I had to pass to enter the following grade. To add to it I was a dedicated track star and field star, a netball team captain which meant I participated in year round sporting events and represented the school in track events in our surrounding towns. Furthermore, I assisted my parents in our family business, completing month-end financials and other bookkeeping tasks.

I enjoyed everything I did including cooking every Sunday to ensure I progressively learnt our traditional Indian cooking. Yes, cooking was a mandatory skill in our home. At least once a quarter I supported our family philanthropic endeavours, senior-care, prayer events, volunteering at my religious school. I also participated in yearly concerts at both my schools in drama and choir.

You may ask yourself how did I do it?

Upon reflection after 20 years since my high school graduation. My answer to my success was five key truths I lived by and my family enforced it.

  1. I was active! I exercised and prayed daily.
  2. I followed a schedule! I was consistent.
  3. I held a high level of passion for all the things I did.
  4. Our household ran like a corporation
  5. Sundays were all about family, leisure, and creativity.

After nearly two decades of adult living; a progressive career in project and program management; two children; living in two continents; surving emotional and physical abuse and isolation; death of a marriage; surviving anxiety & depression; being separated from a continent of my dear family and friends; and on neuro-recalibration and finding my light again.

Changing careers, launching my consulting business; becoming a yogi; supporting methods towards conscious parenting to minimize youth anxiety; conscious family eating and self-care; and relocating to Washington, D.C. “the bizzy city” in 2018 and following my passion in global health, wellness and Naturopathy.


Being a doctoral student and learning while planning and preparing my eldest for college applications in two continents. Growing my self-care regime and developing as a wellness consultant, transformational coach and a yoga teacher in the District.

I know that conscious living is the only way to support your goals towards wellbeing, health, and longevity. Be an active participant in your success and your failed attempts in life. Be constructive in your forgiveness. Be sure and know why. Live lovingly and take your goals seriously. Love yourself and others consciously. Laugh more!

In becoming a “better human” I will continue to share my journey; the recaps, lessons of the last decade and progressions on living well “now” and living your truth — the healthy way.

  • Image credits: Mr Soho, U.S.A.