A Simpler approach to expose SOAP as Managed Rest APIs.

Shenavi de Mel

Previously you may have had a chance to read my blog on how we can convert APIs which are based on legacy SOAP backends to be exposed as a more user friendly RESTful API. The WSO2 API Cloud has made it a step simpler by providing this capability out of the box to the product. WSO2 API Cloud is the cloud hosted version of one of the WSO2 API Manager which was recently named as one of the API Leaders as per the Forrester Research).

With this new feature now we do not need to write the conversion logic using custom sequences as explained in my previous blog, rather we can make this conversion at the click of a button.

This reduces the hassle of having to do SOAP to REST mappings manually and also reduces the time taken to get this SOAP API exposed as a error free REST API. WSO2 API Cloud handles the conversions internally and makes it more simple for you.

All you need to do is provide your wsdl URL and ask the WSO2 API Cloud to generate a REST API for the provided wsdl.

And if you require any changes to the generated API definition you can simply go and edit the swagger of the generated API to more suit your use case. Next you need to provide the backend service endpoint and select the levels of subscription for your subscribers and then you are good to go!! It cannot get more simpler than that.

You can read more about this feature in our cloud blog or simply follow the detailed tutorial on a sample use case to understand this better.

Contact us

If you have further questions or need clarifications reach out to us at cloud@wso2.com.


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