Ironic that I’m reading your article on Medium, because the kind of empty stuff you’re talking…

I’m glad this is not just my problem. I am new to Medium and very confused. I have read some really original and fantastic pieces, but it requires wading through a swamp of “content” to get to it. Everything by CamMi is right at the top of my feed even though I’ve never followed her nor have I recommended anything by her. I want more control over my feed to show me smart and long-form posts and not 1-min-read bullshit.

My other problem is being seen as a new member of the site. I post my own pieces — which may not be masterpieces, but are at least original thoughts and words rather than marketing or click-grubbing — and they disappear into the ether. Zero views. What kind of place is this? It is strange. I’m still hanging around and will continue to post pieces over time, but for me, a normal human (not much of a digital strategist) my Medium pieces are basically another form of journaling, since they never get seen by anyone.

I think the way feeds work is the root of both problems. The algorithm seems to prefer the lowest common denominator of what is generally popular and not focus enough on building off the user-specified tags, people, and publications being followed. This has been an issue for other sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit as well, sometimes because the site wants to show you ads, sometimes just because the algorithm is dumb and disfavors any original or unique content that isn’t already popular. The internet will be a much better place when these sites work out smarter ways to build feeds.

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