A conversation template for children of refugees and immigrants on how to dismantle anti-Blackness in our families and communities

The founding story of the United States of America cannot be separated from racism. Since its founding, the United States of America has created many rules and systems to fully embed a racial hierarchy not only into its economic, legal, cultural, and social systems, but also into the consciousness of its citizens.

The refugees and immigrants who arrived in the United States in the past several decades came into a country that was already running a robust and complex system of racial hierarchies. Most of the refugees and immigrants do not fully understand the historical context of these hierarchies, primarily because they are too busy learning the rules just to survive. …

Andrew Yang’s op-ed is clearly the product of someone who hasn’t learned about structural racism

Last month, Andrew Yang wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post on how Asian Americans can be “part of the cure” during this COVID-19 pandemic. I was annoyed after reading it and sighed in disappointment that he is one of the more prominent Asian American politicians (well, political candidates) at this time.

I was comforted when I saw Twitter comments coming through that pushed back on Yang’s ideas, and I was heartened to see a thoughtful piece authored by John Cho and a strong response published by Densho, an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans. …

Using this moment to radicalize and dismantle white supremacy culture

The COVID-19 virus has an average diameter of 120 nanometers, invisible to the naked eye.

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Photo by Fusion Medical Animation

In its invisible path of destruction, it has rendered Asian Americans highly visible — visible as targets of anti-Asian violence.

It feels like a cruel joke. Asian Americans have been fighting invisibility for a long time, and now we are suddenly so visible, visible in a way that makes us unsafe. …


Shengxiao Yu

Social justice educator | Storyteller | Informed and inspired by indigenous activists, grassroots community leaders, and intersectional movement ancestors

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