Sketchnotes for Readings

MDes/MPS Seminar: Interaction & Service Design Concepts , Fall 2017

“Model Room”, Photo from Olafur Ellisson Studio
Sketchnote for the question”What is Interaction Design”.

What is interaction design?

Broadly speaking, I think interaction design can be the design of all human beings’ behavior, and its methodology can be implemented into any place or process in which a user relates to a designed product or space. Moreover, interaction design intersects with interdisciplinary fields like psychology, engineering, other domains of design etc.

In the narrow sense, interaction design, nevertheless, should also be involved in new technology, specifically cellphones, computers, and smart devices etc. The purpose of interaction design is to optimize user experience through a deep research and understanding of users’ conscious and unconscious demands.

Dragnet Nation Chapter I
Dragnet Nation-chapter II
Sketchnote for “Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problems”-by Kate Crawford
Sketchnote for “The Relevance of Algorithm” Chapter 9 -by Tarleton Gillespie
Sketchnote for “Designing for Interaction” -Charter One- by Dan Saffer
Sketchnote for “Service Design 101” by Lauren Ruiz
Sketchnote for “Design Thinking Comes of Age” by Jon Kolko
Computer and Design by Muriel Cooper
US Operating System: the Intertwining of Race and UNIX
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