The Top Advantages of Business Texting

Shen Bride
Dec 11, 2017 · 2 min read

You need to stretch yourself to extremes if you want to succeed at business. Because of this, you will have to do a lot to propel your business where you want it to be. You should use all the possibilities when it comes to consumer engagement. You can do this through social media engagement, business texting, and email marketing. Below you will learn about the benefits of business texting in your business. Here are the advantages you should be aware of.

The Messages are short

People do not like being bombarded with a lot of information, especially not all at once. However, thanks to business texting, you can send the message you want concisely. When you send a message that is direct clients know that you appreciate their time. In addition to that, when your text messages are to the point clients understand that you also know what you want.

Consumers Enjoy Texting

According to research approximately 64% of customers would be fine getting a form of customer service on an SMS platform. On top of that an entire 80% would be interested in texting contact centers. Unfortunately, not many companies have harnessed the power of SMS. This is because majority still believe texting is too informal. However, this is what clients like. Phone calls and emails are great; but, it is necessary to consider business texting at

Read Immediately

You may not have the time to read an email until it is already late. The reason behind this is that sometimes one may not have enough time to read all the business emails they get every day. Hence, it may not be so useful to send an important business message via email. Most individuals are using text messages to communicate in the workplace. People prefer texts because they are faster than emails. Most people respond to a text faster than they would an email. This makes text messages more efficient at

Improves Customer Relationships

Clients will always remain loyal as long as they feel connected to your business. You can establish a healthy type of connection through communication. Ensuring that your clients are informed about the goods and services you can provide makes them feel valued. You can always use business text messages to relay all the important information. In addition to this, you can also inform your clients about any employment opportunities and wish them happy holidays via text messages.

You Get to Enjoy Flexibility

Most clients will always go for a company or business that gives them convenience. Business texting provides flexibility and this makes it convenient. It is possible to reply to texts at any time and from anywhere. It makes it possible for a client to open up about anything even if it is sensitive. To get some facts about business text, visit

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