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I recently wrote an article for Green Queen Media about the top 5 things I learnt from writing Hungry For Disruption. People always ask me why I wrote the book (You can read more about why here). What I learnt from it will tell you a lot about the why.

1. Collaboration and understanding across a diverse range of stakeholders is essential but severely lacking

Writing this book gave me the opportunity to talk to dozens of researchers at the cusp of cutting-edge scientific advances, farmers on the front lines of our food supply, entrepreneurs working on innovative agrifood solutions, and investors funding the next agrifood tech revolution. Having a birds-eye-view of the agrifood ecosystem and being at the center of different stakeholders soon makes you realize that all these stakeholders are mostly working in silos and not aligning their goals. …


Shen Ming Lee

food fighter | author of “hungry for disruption” | sharing meaningful stories & lessons to a happier & more fulfilled you.

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