World’s Top Drug Addicted Countries

Drug addiction is a global pandemic with some countries grappling with widespread and rampant drug abuse by their people. Even the United States is experiencing the burns of a prescription drug abuse which has reached the level of an epidemic.

Here is a list of countries which are worst affected by drug addiction:

1. Mexico: Mexico’s methamphetamine addiction is the highest in the world. Meth usage here has reached 3.9 percent per capita. No wonder, the notorious drug cartels of Mexico have motivated a number of movies in Hollywood and other film industries across the globe. The country is also infamous for being a powerhouse of meth production and the seizures of methamphetamine over the years have increased manifold.

2. Brazil: This South American country records 4.29 percent per capita consumption of hallucinogenic material. Brazil stands at the ninth position in consumption of oxi, a highly addictive hallucinogen. Drug oxi is made up of a mixture of cocaine paste, gasoline, calcium oxide and kerosene.

3. United States: The country is in the throes of a prescription drug epidemic with 6.2 percent per capita of the population dabbling with drug addiction. It is found that seven out of 10 Americans are using one prescription pill. The consumption of prescription drugs is on the rise over the years in the U.S.

4. Canada: The consumption of marijuana in Canada at the rate of 6.4 percent per capita is something to worry about. As per reports, pot use is widespread in the country, with British Columbia alone reporting 44.3 percent of its population having used cannabis at least once. On the contrary, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition had decided to decriminalize the individual use of marijuana and other drugs in a bid to tackle drug abuse.

5. Afghanistan: With 6.9 percent per capita use, heroin is a major problem in Afghanistan. The country is crippled with its rampant heroin abuse. Incidentally, Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of poppy — the raw material for heroin. Addiction is another problem the country is dealing with apart from the successive wars.

6. Russia: The drug of choice in Russia is alcohol with 7.1 percent per capita of the population drowning in excessive alcohol consumption. The high rate of premature deaths of Russian adults is linked to excessive alcohol consumption. Most of the Russian men who did not reach the age of 55 died of alcohol-related causes.

7. Slovakia: The country’s inhalant use stands at 13.01 percent per capita, which is alarming. Slovakia ranks fourth in consumption of inhalants in the world. A significant number of people have died from its rampant use.

8. France: The country seems to be competing with the U.S. in consuming prescription drugs. In fact, the European nation is ahead of the U.S. in per capita consumption of prescription drugs, with the figure standing at 13.2 percent. A few of the most popular prescription drugs include, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, and methadone.

Dealing with drug addiction

Drug addiction may be a scourge, but it is not the end of the road. Patients can gain from available treatment options and attain sobriety. However, early intervention is the key as delayed approach would only exacerbate symptoms making it hard to cope. Family members and friends should help patients of addiction seek treatment as soon as possible for complete recovery.

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