According to a 2018 World Economic Forum analysis of IMF data, closing the gender gap could increase GDP 35 percent, on average — with the majority of this increase coming from adding more women to the global workforce.

shEOS is teaming up with Kingsland University’s Developer Impact Program (KIP) to support tech education that will help girls and women develop the skills and passion they need to pursue professional careers in emerging tech. The Cebu Project aims to recruit women into a full stack developer training program that, once completed, opens a pathway to job placement as software developers. In…

As candidates for the WAX “guild”, shEOS is committed to supporting growth of the WAX blockchain at every stage. The WAX Token Swap will be ending in two days, and we’ve received a lot of questions from community members about how to swap their tokens. So we’re re-posting two helpful token swap guides created by our colleagues at EOS Blocksmith and EOS Rio. Big thanks to both teams for these helpful contributions.

Remember! GBM (Genesis Block Member) Rewards are available for all members that claimed their WAX tokens before August 30, 2019, and token holders that leave Genesis WAX Protocol…

The EOS Block Producer (BP) landscape evolves rapidly, and voting token holders are critical to the health of DPOS blockchain networks. Because responsible voting requires thoughtful assessment, we asked the EOS BP community to help us understand their teams’ mission and principal contributions to EOS by filling out this brief questionnaire.

We believe a diverse network of block producers will best position EOS for GLOBAL adoption. shEOS is committed to working with diverse voting EOS communities around the world to build the world’s most powerful blockchain.

We carefully selected our list of BPs after evaluating their submissions within the…

shEOS is thrilled to announce our candidacy for WAX guild on the WAX blockchain. We believe WAX will have a profound impact on the blockchain industry by providing a powerful platform for users to create and exchange digital assets across the globe. We look forward to earning the confidence of the WAX community, and supporting the WAX team and fellow WAX guild members.

Public Website:

Social Media & Blog Accounts:

Official WAX Guild candidate name: shEOS

Company Headquarters: Spain, Los Angeles

Expected location of servers: Iceland

Type of servers: high-availability bare metal block producer nodes with a cloud-based…


shEOS is the first female-founded block producer on the EOS network. We’re an international team of blockchain industry leaders: entrepreneurs, technologists and engineers with deep knowledge, experience and a driving passion for decentralization.

shEOS is 100% self-funded.


Our infrastructure includes high-availability bare metal block producer nodes with a cloud-based backup, and cloud-based p2p and api servers. Our data center is powered by 100% renewable energy.

San Francisco EOS BP Summit: Global Use Case Panel

Blockchain technology is a unique tool that can be meaningfully applied to various needs of virtually any community across the world. The EOSIO BP & Tech summit will shine the spotlight on several use cases that are regionally specific, and making an inspiring impact on the world. The panelists we’ve chosen are passionate about the potential of EOSIO and how it can touch their daily lives. …

EOS Block Producers have partnered with Tulip to host the 2019 EOS Block Producer Technology Summit on June 6th in San Francisco. shEOS is thrilled to co-sponsor a special satellite event after the EOS Summit in North Beach.

The Tulip Conference organizers are innovators in many ways, and we’re most excited to share their recent commitment to innovating the tech event landscape by creating opportunities for women in technology to attend their events.

Following the example set by the Web Summit — a group committed to changing the gender ratio at events by offering thousands of comped event tickets to…

On June 6th the EOS community will gather in San Francisco, punctuating San Francisco TECH Week with the EOS Block Producer Summit: a gathering of diverse and innovative teams dedicated to positioning EOS as the world’s fastest and most efficient blockchain network.

Register here for the EOS BP Summit! ☀️

This EOS Block Producer Summit is special, because it will mark the one year anniversary of the EOS mainnet launch, when hundreds of teams around the globe worked feverishly together to launch EOS. …

The need for a secure digital footprint isn’t exclusive to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s a critical piece of personal security that everyone must have in place. Unless you store your money under a mattress and handwrite your mail, you need strategies for keeping your information secure. No matter how long we’ve been in the blockchain space, its important for even the most experienced users to revisit these strategies.

shEOS CTO Ben Sigman, and co-founder Jess Houlgrave drafted this detailed personal security memo. It’s open source and available for community use and contribution on Github. …

Tomorrow is the official Sense Chat release, and soon we’ll see the SENSE token migration to EOS using the EOS21 Protocol by shEOS. Sense Chat will be the first decentralized, private video messenger on the blockchain, our community eagerly awaits its arrival.

Soon, users will be able to transact freely and message each other directly, without fear that their privacy will be invaded or their sensitive data captured by third parties. …

shEOS | EOS Block Producer

shEOS | Female Founded Block Producer on blockchain | think outside the blocks

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