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According to a 2018 World Economic Forum analysis of IMF data, closing the gender gap could increase GDP 35 percent, on average — with the majority of this increase coming from adding more women to the global workforce.

shEOS is teaming up with Kingsland University’s Developer Impact Program (KIP) to support tech education that will help girls and women develop the skills and passion they need to pursue professional careers in emerging tech. The Cebu Project aims to recruit women into a full stack developer training program that, once completed, opens a pathway to job placement as software developers. …

As candidates for the WAX “guild”, shEOS is committed to supporting growth of the WAX blockchain at every stage. The WAX Token Swap will be ending in two days, and we’ve received a lot of questions from community members about how to swap their tokens. So we’re re-posting two helpful token swap guides created by our colleagues at EOS Blocksmith and EOS Rio. Big thanks to both teams for these helpful contributions.

Remember! GBM (Genesis Block Member) Rewards are available for all members that claimed their WAX tokens before August 30, 2019, and token holders that leave Genesis WAX Protocol Tokens staked for 3 years will double their WAX Protocol Tokens. …

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The EOS Block Producer (BP) landscape evolves rapidly, and voting token holders are critical to the health of DPOS blockchain networks. Because responsible voting requires thoughtful assessment, we asked the EOS BP community to help us understand their teams’ mission and principal contributions to EOS by filling out this brief questionnaire.

We believe a diverse network of block producers will best position EOS for GLOBAL adoption. shEOS is committed to working with diverse voting EOS communities around the world to build the world’s most powerful blockchain.

We carefully selected our list of BPs after evaluating their submissions within the following…


shEOS | EOS Block Producer

shEOS | Female Founded Block Producer on blockchain | think outside the blocks

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