Announcing the shEOS Proxy

The EOS Block Producer (BP) landscape evolves rapidly, and voting token holders are critical to the health of DPOS blockchain networks. Because responsible voting requires thoughtful assessment, we asked the EOS BP community to help us understand their teams’ mission and principal contributions to EOS by filling out this brief questionnaire.

We believe a diverse network of block producers will best position EOS for GLOBAL adoption. shEOS is committed to working with diverse voting EOS communities around the world to build the world’s most powerful blockchain.

We carefully selected our list of BPs after evaluating their submissions within the following criteria:

  • technical competence
  • technical tools & contributions
  • education / social impact / community
  • transparency
  • commitment to diversity in EOS

We will continue to evaluate BPs and adjust our votes going forward, and we invite teams who haven’t yet submitted to share their contributions for consideration.

There are more than 30 incredible teams that we believe deserve our support. We plan to rotate our proxy selections regularly to distribute that support in the most equitable way possible.

Thank you to all who submitted their information, thank you to everyone who votes, and thank you to everyone who has supported shEOS!

shEOS Proxy:

shEOS — think outside the blocks.

shEOS | EOS Block Producer

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shEOS | Female Founded Block Producer on blockchain | think outside the blocks