EOS Block Producer Emergency Response System is Underway

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2 min readAug 3, 2018


shEOS is designing an EOS block producer emergency response system in conjunction with fellow block producers listed below. This system will define how block producers will be contacted in an emergency, and when each messaging platform will be initiated (Telegram vs. mobile text). We’re building a phone database, a protocol for contact, and a playbook to guide BPs in handling certain emergency situations.

Finally, we’re building best practices for BPs, including how to do backups, logging, etc.

The eventual goal is an on-chain alert system, which will allow BPs to plug in their own existing internal alert systems. But we want to be ready to assemble as quickly as possible to address emergencies. So while we’re scoping this system and building those tools, we will use phones and Telegram alerts to insure rapid and efficient response.

It’s important this notification system is deployed strategically. When there is a security bug with EOS, we don’t want to alert the whole world, we want to only notify the critical parties, for example those parties required to pause the chain or to implement blacklists on system actions.

shEOS tech lead Ben Sigman lead a call on 8/1/18 with members of the EEPT emergency team to establish these protocols and systems. The EEPT Emergency team will disband after the plan is created and set in motion.

Details are forthcoming, all will be published for the community to review.

Link to call recording HERE.

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