My Hero Was My Abuser
Rose-Ingrid Gracia

Rose, I too have had such an experience as you. You said so many things I identified with, it was like you were in my head rummaging around. I want to thank you for breaking up the ice dam that I’ve created in my coping with my parental abuse burdens. I have been a lifelong inhaler of Food. It is my addiction. Nothing not even my incredible love and wife have been able to fill the gaps in my self-loathing. Stomach surgery didn’t do it. Counselling hasn’t provided guidance. Sixty years of dieting. Church. Criminal mischief. Failures. Financial imbalance. Group talk. Books. Educational degrees. Volunteering. Giving ’til it hurts. Shopping. Poverty. Wealth. All of these conditions and absorption have not met the need within my life. However, you have focused a beacon on many missing pieces of my self-quest-puzzle for which I need to find their inclusion.

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