Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the greatest hero,s of Pakistan.By studying his biography we come to know that there are nothing impossible in this world.We just have to start and work hard.He has not have any ability not belong to a rich family not well educated yet he is able to become the most prominent personality in Pakistan.

Abdul Sattar Edhi foundation has the world largest Ambbulance service and has many different working organization.He just wanted to help people.His favourite quoote was


It gives the best lesson that we should help the peoples regardless of thinking about his religion,cast,colour,status. Edhi sahib is a mentor for me because of his passion of helping others.He led a very simple life.He did not spend any money on himself.

It was the training he got in his early life from his home, from his mother. Who taught him that even if you have 2 Rs. use one for yourself and give one to the needy.This is the thing which gives birth in Edhi sahib the KHUDI of doing anything just to help others.

#Juststart Project:

Well i,m very much conservative type of person.I think a lot ,actually more than a lot.I have various issues regarding my name.I did not like it and feel very nervous and tense while introducing myself in front of others even before my own friends.My name was Sher Muhammad which is actually a old village type name and everyone which hear it start laughing and their first impression was “What”.

There are many question in my mind and my friends use to ask me also

1.”What is that name”

2.“Why did your parents choose this name”

3.“What did they saw in you to choose that name”

4.“It is an old and pendu type name”

So every i will feel embrace to introduce myself or to tell someone about my name.I lack the confidence.I think to much what others people thing about me and it is the biggest fear and gap in my life.

I thought after getting in University i should become more mature and realistic but it could not happen any way.In University at the start of every semester i use to bunk the 1st lecture of every subject because in that lecture all the students has to introduce themself and i use to run away from it because i thought that all of them make smile and make fun of my name.I do presentation and according to my teachers and students i did well in presentations.My confidence,my english is rather better than other mates.

I joined AMAL to overcome these type of negative feelings.To not be feel ashamed of my name or saying anything to the others.So i did it.I think to skip my 1st class of AMAL also but then i said to myself that if i skip or run away then why I should join AMAL.So i overcome my fear and go for session and for the first time i find that my name make a happy smile to other .When i have to tell my AMAL fellows the story behind my name i found out that my story was very interesting and so was my name.”Sher Muhammad” people listen the name and then say me and they start smiling after seeing my health.

So i took courage ,although i have negative feelings but the teachers like Ibrahim Sir and Usman Sir make you feel comfortable and i say that go for it we can see what happened and it all went good and i,m very glad that my name can be remember to every fellow and even to Ibrahim and Usman sir….So as Edhi Sahib reading and AMAL principle also that you just have to take step,you just have to start. I did it i just go and introduce myself and all the things went well.

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